The idea of a straight-from-the-manufacturer work truck may be tempting. But in reality, the purchase might not be as glorious as many believe. From potentially overpaying to a lack of flexibility to immediate depreciation, buying brand-new trucks, beds, and boxes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Instead, business owners should turn to refurbished truck boxes. Though the term “refurbished” often gets a bad rep — people often believe these items are ticking time bombs just waiting to break. However, that’s far from the truth.

The Benefits of Refurbishing Used Yet Reliable Work Trucks

Refurbished isn’t a synonym for nearly broken; it’s quite the opposite. Giving a new lease of life to work trucks restores them to good working order, giving busy tradespeople the reliable vehicles they need to continue their business without disruption.

By understanding the benefits, company owners can unlock much-needed cost and time savings.

Eliminate the Worry of Overpaying for New Vehicles and Accessories

Buying a new truck is a significant investment, eating budgets faster than most could say, “there are better things to spend that on.” The cost is so extortionate, that many businesses could get two pieces of used equipment for the same amount of money, benefiting their company far more than one shiny truck.

As costs continue to rise, the price of buying new keeps pace. So, business owners who choose the refurbishment route are more in the money now than ever before.

Eradicating Inevitable Delays

COVID-19 left many things in its wake — supply chain disruptions and ongoing issues being two of them.

Those purchasing trucks need them now, which simply won’t happen when buying new vehicles. The wait times don’t seem to be shifting either.

That all changes with refurbished equipment.

Whether boxes, beds, or trucks themselves, businesses can obtain them without waiting weeks (sometimes months) for them to arrive. The streamlined nature of such transactions limits downtime and drives profits for all involved.

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Avoiding Initial Depreciation

Like cars, new trucks lose a devastating chunk of their value the minute they’re driven off the lot. And in just 12 months, they can lose up to 40% of the purchase price!

Buying used and refurbished reliable trucks allows business owners to avoid the initial depreciation period, effectively saving money.

Unlocking a World of Choice and Flexibility

The used truck and equipment market is huge, offering more choice to companies than purchasing from a single brand could ever muster.
Suppliers always ensure the refurbished items they sell have zero rust and are in excellent working condition for their buyers. After all, those with a good reputation have worked hard to earn it, and thus, they toil to keep it.

Refurbished Truck Beds and Boxes: The Best Option for Canada’s Harsh Conditions

New truck beds and boxes are wasted in areas with harsh road and weather conditions like Canada. Business owners should strongly consider buying refurbished to traverse icing lands safely without worrying about their straight-from-the-lot equipment being ruined.

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